Saturday, February 1, 2014

winter in your face

I went to Rogers Park to Lake Michigan today to do a photo shoot of a friend of mine.  I'm hoping it turned out well and close to what I envisioned.  I only had a few short seconds to get the shot and I shot in film, so I'll have to wait and see.  But I took this one with my digital.  It was so pretty and serine up there.  It was also a little dangerous, my leg fell through some weird unknown hole type thing and I now have a gash on my shin.  But worth it for the pretty view. 

Monday, December 31, 2012

um, kinda

I have shared this photo before, but it is one of my favorites from 2012.  It also goes with an idea I have been thinking about a lot, which is taking what you have and making the most out of it.  Whether or not I am successfull in that in my own life is debatable, but certainly an idea I like to consider and put into practice.  I went back to look at my new years resolution list I made last year for 2012 to see how I did.  I wasn't honestly a big fan of 2012, well if I am being honest, 2012 can blow me.  Anyway, here is the list and what I did do and didn't.  Maybe I'll do better in 2013.  But I'm taking a different approach this year so it doesn't really matter.  Here's to holding on!

1. find a story I want to tell through photography and tell it (I dind't find one, but I also didn't look very hard)
2. don't cancel  (I got better about this one, but not great)
3. buy cowboy boots (done!)
4. love someone with my heart (done!  It blew up in my face big time and now my heart hurts a lot, but I did it)
5. move on (kind of in the process of that so kind of done?)
6. (six is a secret) (didn't do it, but putting it on 2013 list)
7. go out dancing more (I think I managed to go out dancing less)
8. care for the relationships that matter to you, don't wait until it's too late (done and not done)
9. grow 5 inches taller (still short, I'm so mad at my torso right now!)
10. ask for help when you need it and tell a friend when you're sad (done! results were both good and bad)
11. don't be embarrassed when you ask for help or express a feeling (can't really control our feelings, just our actions and thoughts, guess I didn't know that last year)
12. drink less coffee, or more. whatever (did both!)
13. take less cat photos, or more. whatever (both again!)
14. go skydiving (nope, maybe in 2013!  Get a hold of me if you'd like to go with me please.)
15. don’t be afraid of hugs, you do actually like them (done!  well, sometimes...)
16. be charming  (I don't know why I put that on there, I've always been charming, well, unless I'm cranky, or sad, or sleepy, or something else)
17. be brave (never, but I can fake it)
18. stop counting/comparing/measuring (Right now I'm wondering how my list compares to lists of others)
19. work hard (sometimes done!)
20. instead of worrying that there is a better conversation going on somewhere else, make the one you’re in better.  (nope, not so much, but going on 2013)
21. ROAD TRIPS! Go on them (went on a few, they were awesome!)
22. teach yourself how to demand  (no, but still want to)
23. take a nap if you want to (DONE AND DONE!)
24. it doesn’t matter who blinks first (done!)
25. take compliments when given without being so suspicious (why are you REALLY reading this blog?)
26. wear my glasses or contacts (never got glasses, lost my contacts)
27. stop using text message as your main form of communication-go see people in person, it’s nice to see their face (mostly done!)
28. learn to decorate cakes really well (working on it!)
29. take a woodshop class and build yourself the chest you have been trying to get others to build you for years. You can do it! (sadly no, didn't happen)
30. Get a tattoo with Mary-Claire Runchey (nope!)
31. listen to all those middle-aged homeless men in humboldt park-smile more! (nope.)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

one year's time

This is me a year ago and me again today.  I don't think it's to the date.  I could go back and look, but I don't feel like it.  Lots of stuff has happened in that time, which is true for most people.  Anyway, there you go.



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