Thursday, March 24, 2011

barn & hay

I spent a few days driving and walking around to a lot of abandoned barns and farm houses while I was in Iowa. I did not end up going inside any of them, even though I really wanted to. I was afraid a rat as big as me would jump out and get me or a snake would sneak up behind me and strangle me -both scenerios entirely possible. If not that, I would discover some crazy hillbilly living in one and not be able to get away. It's possible I've been watching too many scary movies lately and I let my imagination get away with itself-wouldn't be the first time. So since I was too chicken, the shots I took aren't really a good representation of what I was seeking and wanting to explore. I was able to develop a better concept for what I would like to continue the next time I come back though and I'm excited about that. All I need to do is find a whole lot of courage or take someone with me who has a lot and is willing to go in first and check the situation out, although both gaining some courage and taking a buddy would be ideal. So if anyone is interested in a position as my bodyguard, give me a call. I can pay you in candy, hugs, and kittens I'll steal from a local barn. There's a good chance they are feral and will scratch your face off-but cute as a button they are!

While I didn't get what I came for, I do like the shot I took up above.

who else thinks this place is haunted?


Sunday, March 20, 2011

train rides

I took the train home last night to my hometown in Keokuk, Iowa. I love riding the train. I always feel like I am on some sort of adventure and I never want the train to actually get to wherever I'm going. I once took a train from Salt Lake City to Oakland, CA and the train was stalled for 17 hours because of a forest fire. I think I might have been the only one on the train that not only wasn't irate, but actually enjoyed it. I find it relaxing and almost meditative to curl up in a ball, lay my head against the window, and listen to music as I watch the tiny towns pass my view. I also kind of like to pretend I’m on a time machine train because all those towns look like they’re at least 20-40 years behind the rest of the world.

I kept running into that guy with the red hat, waiting in line for the restroom, at the snack bar, and, well those are really the only two places you can run into someone on a train, but we kept doing it. At one point he even made the joke, “fancy seeing you hear” which was cute. When I finally arrived everyone got off the train and met up with their families and friends and quickly cleared out. Nobody was there to pick me up. I found out later that my parents had fallen asleep and forgotten about me. Classic. I thought I was there completely alone, late at night and to be honest, I was a little scared. Then I turned around and there was red hat! His ride forgot about him too.


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