Thursday, April 21, 2011

what is your favorite thing EVER?!

So I have been asking people I know this question today and offering them little to no explaination. Some people did not answer and some people needed too many specifics before they would-which I didn't want to give, but here are some of the answers I've got so far. When I'm bored or need an idea of something to photograph I'm gonna use this list and photograph someone's favorite. I'm going to call it favorites! If you want to be on my list, that would be great and I'll keep updating it. Email your favorite thing EVER to me at and sporadically I will post pictures from favorites. Also, thanks to everyone who has answered! I think you are nice as well as pretty or handsome-whichever you prefer.

Mary-Claire Runchey-pickles!
Todd Tue-maybelle
Jennifer Boisjolie-good sushi
Garret Bock-cheeseburgers!
Cody Pleppel-technology
Jessica Allen- heather sapp!
Hannah Rabin- watching movies!
Renee Harmon-a good laugh with my friend
Andy Bellomo-making stuff
Jon Stuyvesant-real good garlic bread in tomato sauce on a rainy day
Mark Schweikle- night swimming
Jen Cloos- sleep? food? reading?
Andrea Levasseur-right now? butterscotch
Sam G.-paper
Miriam Balinsky-music!
Beth Bergquist-pickles!
Doug Ewing-ron burgundy? definitely not pickles!
Deva Erickson-AVOCADOS!!!! hands down the best thing EVVVVVER!
Steve Maxon-women
Jeff Hadick-personified animals
Nell Watson-making lists
Jeff Dial-good friends
Tony Fowler-getting rid of the hiccups
Elliot Larsen-paint
Maggie Valenzuela-knitting
John Schmidt-vimeo
Jack Isleib-central air conditioning-nothing else even comes close
Courtney Jane Ford-my bed
Janet Weis-being a mother
Leigh Cox-putting a lot of work into something, and having it turn out sweet. whether that be a drawing or a pizza



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