Friday, April 29, 2011

jess allen

A couple of days ago I was going through some of my old photographs that I took years ago in college, when I still shot only in film and processed and printed everything myself. As wonderful as digital can be, I sometimes really miss how hands on everything was. It made me feel very nostalgic for those times as well as some of the people that were in my life at that time. I spent a good part of my time in the darkroom back then and most of my clothes had fixer stains on them-a smell I still totally love to this day. I miss being surrounded by people who were the same as me in that way. We might not all have had a lot in common otherwise-different music and movie tastes, different crowds and bars, and different ways of seeing things around us-but we all shot through rolls and rolls of film, printed for hours, and drank our alcohol of choice-not necessarily in that order.

This is an old portrait I took of my friend Jessica Allen. I miss that girl, not only was she willing to pose for whatever I asked her to pose for, but she was a lot of fun too. I didn't do much with it right after I took it, but a few years later I took one of the prints and fooled around with it in the darkroom to make it look more like a gum bichromate print-because I've always really LOVED those. They usually look more like drawings or etchings or something other then a photograph, but they are indeed photographs. After hours and hours of trying different portraits, papers, and techniques to get this look, this was my favorite out of them all. I miss darkrooms a lot.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

my sappy thought today

I think I might need to go back to kindergarten. I'm not sure I learned anything or was paying attention the first time around. Today I was almost hit by a car because I didn't look before I crossed-third time that happened to me this week. It's happened to me a lot in the past too, but I'm lucky in that I have good friends with common sense who always grab me by my shirt and pull me back to safety. As I have gotten older and remained single, I have been able to put together a list of qualities I would really like a husband of mine to have. I just added quick reflexes to it. Also on that list-good at finding keys, likes cat hair, willing to pose for any photo idea I have no matter how ridiculous it sounds, finds scatter-brained and flighty to be endearing, oh and also I guess funny, intelligent, creative, nice, bla bla blah-all the common stuff too.

Anyway, shortly after almost getting hit today, a strange man in a van parked in an alley yelled over at me to come over to him and, yes you guessed it. I went! It turned out fine, he just asked me if I was Irish-which I admit was still a little peculiar- but I said yes, he said cool and that was that. But seriously, Heather?! Thank god he didn't have candy or even worse, coffee to lure me into his van. Knowing me I would have said, "Iced mocha?! And all I have to do is crawl into the back of your eerie dark van?! DONE!" So yeah, it’s come to my attention that I never learned all the basic rules of safety that your supposed to learn, or somehow I forgot them along the way. Maybe this is the result of being a preschool dropout...

I'm gonna go run with scissor and then stick 'em in a light socket! Have a nice day.


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