Friday, June 17, 2011

i will fly to you

I like this. It made me think of my friend Joey who recently moved to New York. I'm going to go see him this summer sometime and it can't come soon enough. I miss him a lot and I really want to go somewhere that is not here. He is awesome and smart and fun and handsome to boot! See for yourself, that's him below. Recently I keep getting all this crap thrown at me and I am really trying my hardest to stay positive and motivated and creative, but FUCK! It's hard sometimes. Everything I'm doing to stay up has failed. Sigh. I think maybe a visit with Joey is just what the doctor ordered.

Also, I just rubbed my tired eye and got sunblock in it. That burns like a mother fucker. (If you find my good mood, will you please send it back to me. Thank you.)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

the zoo, well kind a....

So yesterday was my birthday, my 30th birthday actually. It was ok I guess but also a little weird. As much as I hate to admit it, I am one of those people that got a little freaked about turning 30. Most of the people I know are older then me and all say that it's not a big deal and your 30s are the best, so there's that I suppose. For me it's not really so much about getting older-although I'm not a fan of it-it's more about feeling like maybe I'm not where I'm supposed to be in my life as well as about who I don't have in my life that I would like to have there. I have some wonderful family and friends that I love, so don't get me wrong, but I can't help but wonder where the dude is who gets me and I get him and when people see us together they say, "yup, that makes sence." As far as not feeling like I'm where I should be, we are all always setting goals for oursleves and trying to achieve things, create things, and experience things, so we really aren't ever where we want to be. I guess birthdays and New Years and any days like that always make some people think about such things. After a few days it fades and everything continues as normal. I don't know, I guess I could go on and on about what I'm feeling, what I think I should change, what I think is working, and every other obnoxious thought I've got going on, but this isn't really that kind of blog and I imagine most of you, if not all of you get what I'm saying and have been there yourself. So that concludes this glimpse into my brain.

I wanted to go to the zoo on my birthday because I love animals a lot so I made plans to go with my friend Andrea and her daughter Maybelle, who are the two beauties up above. Andrea and I have some sort of strange thing happening where it rains every single time we make plans to hang out. I'm talking real heavy rain too. So yesterday that is of course what happened. We were unable to see much at the zoo. There was an old man playing the violin and he was playing the birthday song when we first walked by and I thought that was cool timing, but then we walked by him a couple times more later and he was still playing it, so I think it was the only song he knew. Since we didn't get to see too many animals, I didn't learn too much about them, but I did learn that I have no idea how to work a stroller. I was standing in the street with the rain pounding on me with the stroller while Andrea got Maybelle set up in her car seat. I thought, hey it would probably be helpful if I got this folded up and put in the back while she did that. I absolutely could not figure out how the hell it folded up though. So I choose option 2, stand in the heavy downpour staring at the stroller until Andrea comes back to do it herself.

I didn't get to take too many pictures because of the rain, but I did get a couple of good ones that you see up above. That is Andrea and Maybelle looking at a momma and baby monkey. I like the zoo the best when there are babies there. I was hoping to see some baby elephants, but turns out the lincoln park zoo doesn't even have elephants. Oh well, kind of classic.

I'll be out of my funky mood in a few days.


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