Friday, August 12, 2011


So I just got to Denver a little bit ago. For some reason I bought myself a ticket that left at 7:00 AM from Chicago. That was silly and dumb on my part. I had to wake up at 4:00 AM. I tried to make it not so bad by setting the alarm ringer to the Ghostbusters’s theme song, but it still sucked to wake up. I forgot just how much I love airports. Seriously I have quite a good time in them. I don't have any particular reason for loving them so much, more like a whole bunch of reasons. I like that people are moving, coming, going, smiling, crying, excited, scared, and my persona favorite-running with too many things in their hands (I tend to be one of those people). There is chaos, lots of ugly shirts, women who looked like their hair was done 1984, at least one guy whose suitcase isn’t working right, families that have children dressed in stupid bright cartoon character clothing and are supposed to be on vacation having a good time but the parents are so stressed they just keep yelling at each other and snapping at the kids (oh family fun and memories), and an abnormally large amount of tables with people eating both McDonalds and Panda Express-I don't know which one is grosser. Although I can't talk because I did buy myself a venti iced mocha from Starbucks which is completely unnecessary. Actually I didn't buy it. Yesterday I was at one in Chicago and bought an iced tea. For some reason when they handed me the iced tea they also handed me a gift card for a free drink and apologized for how long I had to wait. I don't think I was waiting more then 30 seconds but I took it anyway because I love free stuff. So since it was free I splurged on a venti. Kind of awesome except now I'm really hyper in an airport. I've been kind of lucky today too because I have been chased down three times by three different men who all noticed I dropped something, picked it up for me and ran after me to give it back. The first time it was my sunglasses, the second time it was my wallet (of course), and the last time was my birth control pills (I don't know how the hell that one even happened). I started to make the joke to that last guy, “whoa! I could’ve got myself in a whole lot of trouble without these with the weekend I’ve got planed!” but I trailed off in the middle of it when I realized that he wasn’t listening and already walking away.

I'm catching a ride with complete strangers to this ranch somewhere, but they don't land for another couple hours so I have some time to kill. I’m hoping the ride from the airport to the ranch isn’t too long because I don’t know these people at all and sometimes car rides make me really hyper. I didn’t want to check any luggage so I was going to borrow a bag to carry on because all my bags are too big or too small. I found out rather late in the evening last night that the bag I was going to use had a broken zipper so I had to run out and find something that would work quickly. I found one of those little suitcases that have wheels on them at a thrift store. It has worked perfectly except that it is sparkly pink and intended for little girls and not a 30 year old women. On the bright side, I have actually had two little girls compliment me on it and a third who I think wanted to but seemed too shy to talk to me and just kept staring at it. Then again, maybe she was just planning on robbing me when I wasn’t looking.

So I just spoke to my friend and groom of the wedding tomorrow. He just informed me that he and his soon to be bride thought it would be nice for me to give a little speech at the wedding. WHAT?!?! He said I didn’t have to, but I feel bad telling him no. My plan was to work for a few hours shooting stuff and then quickly move right into getting really drunk. You know I don’t have anything against myself, I think I’m pretty darn OK most of the time, but I’m not sure I should be allowed to speak out loud in front of a large group of people when they are all listening to me. I do much better in the corner with a small group of people who either don’t get offended easily or are only half listening to me.

I’m going to spend at least a week here in Denver-I’m not sure what day I am coming back. My friend Renee who I am staying with will have to work during the day so I will be left to my own devices during that time. She said I could use her car though-another idea I’m not sure is so good. Little known fact about me-I’m not a great driver. I’M JUST KIDDING! Everyone knows I suck at driving.

Well all this coffee has resulted in a really long blog post. If you made it this far you totally deserve a prize.

So far I think Air Canada has the best lookin’ planes.