Sunday, October 30, 2011


So despite feeling like a hungover piece of crap today after hosting a halloween party last night, I got myself to High Five Video to rent a movie. For those of you who do not know of it, it is a poorly run video store on Kedzie and Armatage that has absolutely no organization to the way they display their random selection of movies. For instance, tonight I think I noticed Black Swan was next to Season Two of The Sopranos, because that makes sense. I just saw a scary movie yesterday with my friend Jen, Paranormal Activity 3. It scared the shit out of me. I don't scare particularly easily when it comes to movies and I seek them out because I like to get scared, but this one was just a little over the top scary. I didn't like it at the end and just wanted it to stop. We both left with knots in our stomachs. Despite that though, I decided to rent another scary movie tonight. I don't know why I do this to myself. If I really wanted to analyze myself I would guess it is because I like being able to sometimes escape certain feelings I'd rather not be feeling. On the other hand, I also just like the thrill. Anyway, I decided to rent Incidious. When I checked out, the dude at the counter told me I had a late fee. I said, "that's fine, what is it?" expecting one and assuming it would be 3-4 bucks. He said "$30.00." $30.00?!?! What the hell was I doing with a shitty movie for that long?! Believe me, if it is from High Five-it's a shitty movie. So yeah, that happened. I had a late fee of thirty fucking dollars at fucking High Five Video. I got home and put in the movie and after a couple minutes realized I've already seen Incidious. Seriously. How the hell did I forget that I had already seen it?! It's not like one of those movies you saw 10 years ago and forgot. I saw it in August. August! Totally forgot-which doesn't say mush about the movie. It did suck and didn't scare me at all. So basically twice today I found myself saying "what the hell heather sapp?! Get your shit together. Luckily I had also rented Everything Must Go, a movie with Will Ferrell in it-a man I love deeply-and written by Raymond Carver-a short story writer that I really like. It's been years since I have read anything by him, but I like a lot of his short stories, in particular one called 'What We Talk About When We Talk About Love.' I think I am going to reread it. I'm curious if it will still hold up. I'm thinking maybe not, but we'll see. The movie was alright, but not as good as I had hoped it would be. So now it is time for Netflix. Yup, I've been super productive today.

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