Friday, November 11, 2011


So quite a while back I decided that it would be fun to do portraits of bartenders. Mostly because I like them, especially if they have a beard with a nice smile hidden in there. Although I like almost all men with beards and nice smiles, the bartender thing is an added bonus. Anyway, I thought it would be a neat series and a great way to find subjects. I did one shoot at the Whistler, a neat bar in Logan Square where you can get a fancy drink from men in bow ties! I rented lights, I lugged the lights through the snow, on two buses, and then walked with them down a few more blocks to get there (lights are heavy) and then I did the shoot of all of them. It was great and they were all so nice. A couple days after this shoot, my apartment caught on fire and I spent the next two months living in a bit of chaos waiting to get the place fixed as well as trying to find a new roommate. Somehow in all that, I lost half of the images that I shot that day. That was a HUGE disappointment and made me very upset. I lose a lot of things, I can't deny that, but very rarely do I lose anything photo related. It's the one area I can say I am pretty good about. Nothing is more frustrating to me then losing my own work. It sucked and because I was so bummed about it, I didn't bother to edit the remaining ones I had because, well I guess my logic was what's the fucking point now?

For some reason tonight though, after a couple of glasses of wine I decided to work on the ones I had left. So here is what I have. I don't know if I am going to go back to the idea of photographing bartenders, the idea is kind of lost on me now, but I do like these ones. There's even a few beards up there too!

Monday, November 7, 2011

smoke machine

So as some of you may know, Mary-Claire and I took a road trip to Wisconsin Dells. Its part of a bigger scale project we are working on, so feel free to check in with Boldts website from time to time to see it as it unfolds. Anyway, this weekend we were in the Dells. It was fantastic. I've never been there before so that was fun. It's possible that we did not pick the right time to go because a portion of the town was closed down. But in a way I think that made it better for us, or for me anyway. I can't speak for Mary-Claire-I've tried, my impression of her is terrible.

So I've been going through a few things lately that I have had a really hard time dealing with and I can't talk to anyone about them-if I do the CIA will kill me. No, not really. They are just very private things that I am struggling with on my own. I wasn't sure what the solution was for any of these issues, and I still don't for that matter, but a weekend away didn't hurt. Turns out you can find perspective in all kinds of places, in the car when your a little lost, in a dressing room while your trying to tie on a dress that makes you look like a female gangster-or it's supposed to anyway but really just reminds you how short you are, on a dance floor that has a smoke machine, and even on a shuttle that is taking you to a strip club called Cruisin' Chubbys. After all that I don't know the answer to my problems, and the fact that I found myself in those situations might suggest I have a few others I should address, but whatever. Getting away was great. Saturday night after a lot of drinks, Mary-Claire and I found ourselves at the Dells "hottest night club," Marleys. Only to be rivaled, according to some locals, by a new night club called Wett. It was a strange experience for several reasons. It’s not the type of place M-C and I would normally go to, although to be fair, nothing in Wisconsin Dells is the type of place we would normally go to. Also, it was mostly women in slutty clothes and littered amongst them were much older men who didn't like to dance so much as watch. There was actually a moment in our drunken state where we couldn't decide if we should be line dancing or at the bar for their limited time 2 for 1 bombs. What's a bomb? Yeah, that's what we wondered too. So we found out-its just red bull and vodka. I learned that I am easily sold on things if there is a time limit placed on them. I don’t even want it until someone tells me I can only get it for the next 5 minutes, then all of a sudden I’m filled with panic and HAVE to have it. There was another point where they announced free shots at the bar for a limited time and I ran right up. Although that had more to do with the fact that they were free more then the time limit. Mary-Claire got one too! See!

The cool part was that since we didn't give a fuck what any of these people thought, we just danced and danced and danced. It was great, well until it was time to get home. I had chosen a motel for us that turned out to be a little more outside of the dells then I thought it was. It was called Days End motel, and believe me when I say that their sign looks kind of creepy when you pull up at night, and becomes even creepier when you realize you are the only people staying at the motel. The only thing near it was a strip club. This dance club that we were at provided a free shuttle service to pick people up and drop them off. Pretty great right? We got in the shuttle and told the guy where to go. He took us to Days Inn. We said, "Oh no, not Days Inn, Days END." He said, "I don't go out there." and left us at Days Inn. We had been told earlier that day that the strip club called Cruisen' Chubbys provided a free shuttle too. That makes sense right? Great way to get customers to come to a poorly chosen location. We were trying to save money, so instead of calling a cab, we decided that since our motel was next to this Chubbys, we would just hop on that shuttle and walk back to the motel. So we called up Chubbys and they said they would send someone right away. Perfect! (by the way, I never thought I would be sold on the iphone, but M-C's saved us several times this weekend, so it's growing on me.) Well the shuttle was weird and the guy driving was even weirder. Not that I should have been surprised. After we got on, he told us it was $5 each. We started to move and Mary-Claire and I realized we only had $5.00 total. It was all in ones, so we thought maybe we could get away with handing him the money and getting off quick. It’s kind of funny when drunk people come up with ideas. It was obviously a bad idea though. As a direct result of this, we found ourselves not only being chased by a weird old dude, but running INTO a strip club to try to get away from him. So that happened. They ended up having an ATM inside and I was able to get him some money-I'm pretty sure I gave him a lot of attitude as well.

So that is just a little bit of our trip. I don’t know if it was a high point or low point. I guess it somehow was both. Needless to say, we made it back to Days End.


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