Sunday, December 4, 2011

holiday tree buying time

M-C and I got a tree today for our apartment! Now our place is going to smell all holiday awesome. That works out well because we are having a holiday party so the smell will match the theme. We are going to decorate it later, if you come to the party you will get to see it. Or maybe I'll post a picture of the finished decorated tree, but I'd rather you stop by and see it in person.

Mary-Claire and I were talking about when we were little and we'd go get a tree with our family, every year the same thing would happen in both our families. Our dads would inevitably (and with good reason) get frustrated and grouchy trying to trim the tree straight at the bottom and then trying to get the tree in the holder and positioned perfectly while our moms would say things like, "more to the left" or "it's not straight!" or my favorite, "I think the other side looks better, what do you think?" right after it just took him 20 minutes to turn it to the opposite of that side.

We decided M-C will play the role of the cranky dad and I'll be the perfectionist mom-although I have a feeling its going to be more like two cranky hungover dads-cause we're both hungover. In the end we'll give up and have a slanted tree in the living room that is half decorated. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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