Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Heather's 2012 goals/resolutions/things to keep in mind list

I made a list of things I'd like to do, be better at, and keep in mind. There are 31 on the list because that is how old I will turn in 2012. Wish me luck! Also, Happy New Year!

1. find a story I want to tell through photography and tell it
2. don't cancel
3. buy cowboy boots
4. love someone with my heart
5. move on
6. (six is a secret)
7. go out dancing more
8. care for the relationships that matter to you, don't wait until it's too late
9. grow 5 inches taller
10. ask for help when you need it and tell a friend when you're sad
11. don't be embarrassed when you ask for help or express a feeling
12. drink less coffee, or more. whatever
13. take less cat photos, or more. whatever
14. go skydiving
15. don’t be afraid of hugs, you do actually like them
16. be charming
17. be brave
18. stop counting/comparing/measuring
19. work hard
20. instead of worrying that there is a better conversation going on somewhere else, make the one you’re in better.
21. ROAD TRIPS! Go on them
22. teach yourself how to demand (stole that from a song)
23. take a nap if you want to
24. it doesn’t matter who blinks first
25. take compliments when given without being so suspicious
26. wear my glasses or contacts
27. stop using text message as your main form of communication-go see people in person, it’s nice to see their face
28. learn to decorate cakes really well
29. take a woodshop class and build yourself the chest you have been trying to get others to build you for years. You can do it!
30. Get a tattoo with Mary-Claire Runchey
31. listen to all those middle-aged homeless men in humboldt park-smile more!


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