Saturday, February 11, 2012

portrait # 5 Larissa

So I totally slacked on the portrait a week idea that I was trying to do last summer. I want to be better about it. Turns out I don't hang out with people that often. Who knew?!?! Well, I did. BUT! I love taking portraits of people, especially people I adore-like the pretty lady up above who is my friend, Larissa. I also need to plan more social events where I just happen to be with friends in well lit situations. Instead of inviting people to bars, I'll start asking them to meet me under shaded trees or some other situation that will flatter them.

I took this last week when Larissa was kind enough to model for me for a project I am working on. It has sort of shifted gears a bit, as most projects do as they progress. We'll see where I end up. This isn't the finished portrait of her for my project, it's just one I took during the shoot. I like it! She is back in Toronto right now. I miss her. I miss you, Larissa!


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