Tuesday, February 14, 2012


So since working as a dog walker there are certain things that I see everyday. I don't just mean that I see them everyday. We all see the same things every or most days. I mean that there are certain things that for one reason or another I make a point of looking at or always notice. They are pretty, they are boring, they are interesting, they are monotonous, they are funny, they make me feel depressed, they make me smile, they do absolutely nothing for me in anyway, but I still always look at them-basically there are a bunch of reasons that they all stick out to me. It is sort of weird at times because I have reached a point where I almost use these mental snapshots as a measurement of time. For example, I'm leaving for Omaha on Thursday and I just had the thought, I only have to see that staircase one more time before I leave for Omaha. I thought it might be a fun photo project to explore. To take shots of all the things I always see/notice everyday. After a period of time, I'd like to look back on them all and see if there is a trend or theme or maybe there won't be at all and it'll just be a lot of random shit I look at. We'll see. So these are the first three of what I hope to continue doing. Cheers!



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